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    We extend a warm invitation to join our Web3 acceleration program, as well as Web2 teams who are seeking to transition their business to Web3

    We aim to develop modern solutions that include blockchain, AI, art, games, and more. AAMeta supports promising projects at all stages of their development.


    Abu Dhabi Digital Art District

    Digital Art District is a concept that targets to create events and new creative spaces, aimed at shaping Abu Dhabi as a centre of digital art.

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    Our Projects

    • Thunder Lands Thunder Lands
    • Cross Agency Cross Agency
    • Amber League Amber League
    • Impact Academy Impact Academy
    • Antagonism Antagonism
    • Publishing House Publishing House
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    Impact Academy

    Impact Academy is a non-profit online platform that aims to provide opportunities for individuals interested in exploring the creative industries. The platform offers free training courses in various creative fields such as mobile game development, filmmaking, podcasting, and more.

    • Grants
    • Internships
    • Mentoring
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    AAMeta MediaKit

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    Join DAO

    Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) creates a profitable environment for all the parties

    • Developers build a close relationship with their audience

    • Users enriching through mutual direct cooperation

    • Governance Tokens open an innovative system of co-creation