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What is Impact Academy?

Impact Academy is a non-profit online platform aiming to provide opportunities to individuals interested in exploring creative industries. The platform offers free training courses in a variety of creative fields, such as mobile game development, filmmaking, podcasting, and more.

One of Impact Academy's key objectives is to inform participants about the professions of the future, shedding light on the evolving landscape of creative industries. The platform provides insights into the skills and knowledge required to enter these professions, helping aspiring individuals make informed decisions about their career paths.


Talent Grant Program

The Talent Grants Program is a global competition open to all individuals interested in showcasing their skills. The program features competitions across a range of disciplines offered in Creative University courses. Those who perform at an outstanding level will be awarded grants as recognition for their achievements.

  • 1000$
    2nd Place
  • 2000$
    1st Place
  • 500$
    3rd Place
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