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Abu Dhabi Digital Art
District The first immersive gallery
combined with metaverse
in Abu Dhabi

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District Event

The Digital Art District aims to establish events and creative spaces in Abu Dhabi, fostering the city as a hub for digital art.

Pros for the State

Abu Dhabi as a global creative hub for exhibitions, discussions, and engagement, with innovative immersive spaces driving tourist growth and offering free microlearning.

Pros for Artists

A creative hub with digital galleries, roundtables, and community involvement, facilitating Web 3 access and monetizing creativity through NFTs, merchandising, and community expansion.

philip colbert

Philip Colbert

We don't just talk about local digital art; we showcase it through actual works. Scottish artist Colbert, famous for his lobster persona and hyper-pop history paintings, blends digital culture and art history and is a key headliner at our event.

Philip Colbert’s Work

Abu Dhabi Digital Art

The Digital Art District aims to create events and spaces, shaping Abu Dhabi as a digital art hub.